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Who are ICS?

ICS are a local Destination Management Company based in Jersey in the Channel Islands. We offer an efficient and professional service. With our wealth of local knowledge we can help make your event a success.

We have over 45 years experience in organising conferences and incentives for major international companies and associations as well as small independent clients. We will ensure you of our professionalism throughout.

How Can We Help?

We offer a wide range of services for our clients, including a warm welcome, transportation both to and within the islands as well as constant support should you require assistance at any time during your stay.

These services are available for all types of travelers, from the intrepid adventurer or curious family to the entrepreneurial individual or enterprise.

Where We're Located

ICS Business & Leisure are based in Jersey in the Channel Islands. Jersey is a major tourist destination, welcoming people from all around the world on a daily basis.

The Channel Islands are host to a wide range of both business facilities and tourist attractions, which is why we at ICS welcome clients from all around the globe who come here for both business and Leisure.

If you require help organising a visit for any reason, look no further.

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Our Services

  1. Air & Sea Travel

  2. Accommodation

  3. "Meet & Greet" service

  4. Hospitality Desk

  5. Multilingual Guides

  6. Activity & Team Building

  7. Partner Programme & Excursions

  8. Special Interest Groups

  9. Restaurant Dine-Outs

  10. Dinners with a difference (Castles & Vineyards)

  11. Beach Games & Barbecues

  12. Themed Evenings

  13. Full Representation & Organisation

"Meet & Greet"

For that personal service our dedicated staff are on hand to meet each individual flight or ferry. Every delegate will have a personal welcome to the island before being taken to their waiting transport.

Vehicles & Drivers

Depending on group size, the transport will be allocated accordingly, in either a coach or mini bus. For VIP's we can offer a fleet of chauffer driven Mercedes.

Hospitality Desk

Hospitality desks can be set up either 'Air-side' or 'Land-side' depending on your requirements. Company branding can be displayed and delegate information packs are also available. We can also arrange a hospitality desk at the hotel for the duration with our qualified and knowledgable staff.

Quality Assurance

We have over 45 years experience in organising Conferences and Incentives for major international companies and associations as well as small independent clients, we will ensure you of our professionalism through out.

Free Quotations

We are pleased to offer free quotations for your next meeting or incentive, so let us be your choice and make this event memorable.

The Channel Islands

"Located 100 miles from the English coast and only 20 miles from the French coast, the islands have a rich cultural history of French and English rule. They have a unique atmosphere and a wealth of amenities and attractions, everything a conference organiser or holidaymaker could wish for. Despite their size, all of your senses are made to work overtime on these enchanting islands."


Jersey the largest of the Channel Islands, measuring only nine miles by five and is packed with a great variety of landscape in a small space.

The north with it's towering granite cliffs, in the west St Ouen's bay with a wide expanse of sandy beach and one of the best surfing beaches in the world.

The south coast is characterised by picturesque coves and beaches.

In the last few years Jersey has become more multi-cultural and is surprisingly rich in variety for a community of only forty five square miles.

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More compact than it's bigger, brasher neighbour, its 27 square miles are nevertheless packed with the kind of charm, character and hospitality which makes the difference between any old holiday and the kind you remember forever.

Stroll through the cobbled streets of St Peter Port, linger over coffee and croissants at one of the many cafes and then indulge yourself in the landscape.

Atlantic seascapes, Breton style buildings and elegant granite edifices combine to create an island which manages to be both practical and beautiful at the same time.

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Alderney is similar to the other Channel Islands in having sheer cliffs broken by stretches of sandy beach and dunes. Its climate is temperate, moderated by the sea with warm summers.

Alderney and its surrounding islets support a rich flora and fauna, Puffins on Burhou and gannets on Les Etacs are a favourite with many visitors.

The capital St Anne is full of charm, period flavour. Attractions include a nine hole golf course, a standard gauge passenger railway and some spectacular beaches ideal for swimming and windsurfing.

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Sark is still governed by a heredity Seigneur (or Lord) whose feudal privileges include being the only person on the island permitted to keep doves! There are no motorcars or tarmac roads.

The only mode of transport is horse-drawn carriage, by bicycle or on foot. Big Sark and Little Sark are linked by a causeway (la Coupe).

Attractions include lush gardens as well as a rugged coastline with spectacular 400 feet cliffs. The island is accessible by boat only which is just forty minutes away from Guernsey.

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The island is only three miles from Guernsey and just a short boat ride away. Blessed with lovely sandy beaches and blue sea, it is described as the nearest thing to a fairyland.

Explore the island on foot taking the coastal paths past Neolithic graves and onto shell beach where you will find hundreds of different shells.

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